Hot Rolling Seamless Pipe Making machine

Hot Rolling Seamless Pipe Making machine

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1.Pipe Manufacturing Procedure:

billetscutting billet&feeding heatingΦ50 Two rolls of Mannair Hot piercing machineΦ275 fifteen frames three-roll reducing diameter unit→Cooling bed YGJ60 eight roller straightening machine→cutting pipe detecting and grinding inspection  marking and package warehouse


2.Production range:

The main production ranges : hydraulic pro pipe, ca axle casing and other mechanical processing pipe, geological,oil well tubing,low pressure boiler pipe ,oil cracking tube, high pressure of fertilizer pipe and structural pipe ,fluid pipe and etc.

3.Specifications range:

Diameter of raw material billets OD: Φ50~Φ65mm

Length of the billets: 1200~1800mm

Outside Diameter of the Finished pipe: Φ32~60mm

Wall Thickness of the Finished pipe: 3.1~10.0mm

Length of the Finished pipe: Made to order

3.Annual production :24,000 tons

4.Major equipment components:

4.1  Inclined bottom furnace 1 set

4.2  Φ50 Two rolls of Mannair Hot piercing machine                                      1 set

4.3 Φ275 fifteen - frames three - roll reducing diameter machine unit                                        1set

4.4 Cooling bed YGJ60 eight roller straightening machine                           1set

4.5 Bandsaw cutting machine(cutting billets)                                                  2sets


4.6 Pipe cutting machine 2set

4.7 Automatic sizing machine  1set

4.8 Auxiliary equipment (all conveyor rollers, cooling beds and excessive platforms, finished collection tanks, power supply, water supply, gas, etc.) 1 set

5.Metal balance budget

 Rolling line required 26086.96 tons of pipe billets, after processing into finished steel pipe,The total loss of the metal is 2086.96 tons, in which the amount of metal burned 521.74 tons; cut head, Chip and scrap volume of 1565.22 tons, this part can be recycled.Please find  the attachment of  talbe about  Workshop production of metal balance